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Acupuncture School in Missouri - MO

Acupuncture is a rising star in the field of alternative and complementary medicines, and Missouri is at the forefront of some exciting happenings. Missouri is among the states that have passed statues to allow detoxification specialist to use acupuncture as a treatment. 

Acupuncture schools in Missouri prepare students for careers as licensed healthcare professionals.  If one is already working in an approved health field the route to practice may be quite short. Chiropractors, for instance, need only 100 hours of initial training and some continuing education thereafter. The CEUs can come from a variety of sources and should prove easy to obtain.

For those coming from outside approved medical fields -- and those who don’t want to pursue acupuncture in conjunction with other healing arts -- usually a masters level program is the standard for training.  It is necessary to get one’s training at an ACAOM-accredited school, or at least one that is in the accreditation process.  Although the ACAOM does not list any accredited Missouri schools on its website, it does list some schools that have alternative scheduling for professionals -- and where much of the work can be completed at a distance. 

Missouri’s acupuncturists do have an excellent resource in the acupuncturist association of Missouri, or AAM.

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