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Acupuncture School in Nevada - NV

Nevada is a groundbreaking state when it comes to the ancient eastern medical art of acupuncture. According to TIME Magazine, in 1973 Nevada became the first state in the country to declare Chinese medicine to be a learned profession. Its legislature legalized acupuncture, herbal medicine and other Chinese medical practices in the 1970s, long before other states did so. This state recognized early on the importance of acupuncture and Chinese medicine as an addition or complement to more conventional, western medical practices. Nevada was also one of the first states to have its health insurance programs recognize complementary and alternative medical practices such as acupuncture as acceptable medical treatments and to provide benefits for these types of treatments.

Acupuncturists in Nevada are regulated by the State of Nevada Board of Oriental Medicine. The state requires that all applicants for licensure attend one of the acupuncture schools in Nevada, completing at least a four-year program in Oriental Medicine at a college or university of Oriental Medicine. Education in Oriental Medicine is accepted from any college or university that is approved by the board. You will need to pass examinations, submit your application and all applicable documents and fees, prior to being granted a license to practice acupuncture.

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