Acupuncture School in North Carolina - NC

Based on Oriental medicine, acupuncture is a health system that treats the entire person, body and mind. This ancient form of holistic medicine is widely used today. According to the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board, over 15 million Americans have tried acupuncture since its popularity in this country began in the 1970s. Not just anyone can be an acupuncturist, however. The proper education, usually through college or university studies, is necessary in order to become a licensed acupuncturist in North Carolina.

Students who attend acupuncture schools in North Carolina or in other states will discover that these programs are varied, depending upon the type of school one attends. Many acupuncture schools are held in practitioners’ offices and specialized colleges of Chinese arts. Other schools offering acupuncture studies are available at colleges and universities. In order to become licensed in the state of North Carolina, the acupuncture school you choose must be licensed by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). Over 50 schools across the United States and Canada are licensed by the ACAOM at this time. ACAOM accreditation is necessary when one goes for national examination and certification, which is necessary in North Carolina in order to become licensed.

Acupuncture Schools