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Acupuncture School in Oregon - OR

Oregon offers several options for the student seeking training in acupuncture. There are brick-and-mortar schools that offer masters and doctoral degrees in acupuncture. The academic programs are comprehensive giving the student a solid foundation in acupuncture, as well as supporting coursework that brings unification between Western and Chinese medicine.

One typical master program in acupuncture and Oriental medicine consists of 3,344 total hours, amounting to 215 quarter units. Included in this program are 996 hours devoted to clinical studies. The courses in this program will cover topics including:

  • Oriental Therapeutic Massage
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Acupuncture Theories and Practices
  • Chinese Herbal Medicines
  • Biomedicine
  • Professional Development

One example of the clinical doctorate consists of 1,228-hour, 24-month program offered through a series of on-campus modules. Students will learn advanced levels of theory and practice in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Many schools have their own clinic available for the student to earn their clinic hours. If the program you choose does not have an onsite clinic, you may contact some of the local hospitals in Gresham, Eugene, Portland, or Salem. Acupuncture is beginning to become more available in what was once considered “traditional” health care facilities.

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