Acupuncture School in Pennsylvania - PA

Acupuncture School in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania requires non-physician acupuncturists to work under the supervision of a physician. The state requires the physician to give a medical diagnosis, evaluate the results of a current medical exam, or be personally available to the acupuncturist in need of a consultation, as reported in Acupuncture Today. While limited in autonomy, the training an acupuncturist receives in Pennsylvania is comprehensive.

Acupuncture schools in Pennsylvania offer programs that train you to become an acupuncturist with a broad scope of practice. The acupuncture studies program also prepares students to pass the test necessary to obtain professional licensing for acupuncture in Pennsylvania. It is a program that blends Eastern Oriental Medicine with Western medical practices. Courses in the graduate program include study in:

  • Oriental Nutrition Therapy
  • Oriental Medical Theory
  • CPR
  • Chinese Medical Language
  • Differentiation of Diseases
  • Research in Oriental Medical Theory
  • Clean Needle Techniques
  • Clinical Observations
  • Introduction to Physiological Medicine

Erie, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Harrisburg are all possible locations for acupuncture programs.

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