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Acupuncture School in Washington - WA


Acupuncture schools in Washington help to prepare students in the state for proper licensure, and to set them on solid footing for the duration of their career. Medical doctors and osteopathic doctors in Washington are not required to complete any further training in order to practice acupuncture. Unlike regulations enforced in other states, Washington allows acupuncturists to become licensed without obtaining a doctorate level degree. Those individuals pursuing the field without prior medical training are required to complete two years of academic coursework as well as a series of specific training modules and their associated exams.

Students in Washington have an excellent opportunity to achieve the necessary education with which to begin their practice, and are certain to find a program that suits their needs among Washington's many options. Washington is home to more than seventy-five higher learning institutions consisting of forty-three public and thirty-five private colleges and universities. The state's schools house two of the country's fifty or so programs accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), the foremost accreditation agency for establishing and enforcing standards in the field of acupuncture. Students in the state may pursue a variety of other ACAOM accredited courses through programs offered by schools across the nation.

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