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Acupuncture School in Wisconsin - WI


Anyone interested in attending acupuncture school in Wisconsin can take advantage of enrolling in one of the nation’s foremost schools of the discipline. Wisconsin houses an accredited school that has participated in establishing the standards for teaching acupuncture in the US and was approved to grant the first combined Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine.

Graduates of accredited Wisconsin schools currently practice acupuncture in 40 states and several foreign countries. Graduates also function as board members in Acupuncture licensing committees in Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Illinois. Graduates can also establish practice in major cities in Wisconsin like, Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

In addition to teaching acupuncture an accredited institution may even offer working knowledge by providing clinical services.  Students studying in an accredited acupuncture school in Wisconsin may even be provided an opportunity to study acupuncture in hospitals throughout China including Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Guangzhou in an effort to keep current on clinical practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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