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Acupuncture Studies in Florida - FL

As interest in acupuncture grows, acupuncture training programs in Florida are offered by a growing number of schools, institutions, and clinics.

A key component of acupuncture training is learning about the philosophy and principles behind acupuncture. For those who are used to thinking about health in terms of conventional western medicine, acupuncture can seem mysterious. Therefore, courses on the tradition and philosophy of acupuncture are key to understanding how acupuncture works to manipulate and stimulate physiological systems to achieve holistic wellness. Acupuncture programs tend to include courses on anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, medical ethics, and acupuncture points, and teach skills ranging from medical assessment to clinical observation to needle insertion.

Many acupuncture schools also offer courses in other natural medicine practices, such as herbal medicine, so that acupuncturists are able to offer their clients a holistic course of treatment. Since acupuncturists must understand the different contributors to patients’ health, many programs also offer courses in communication. 

Finally, after you’ve started practicing, you’ll likely want to take continuing education courses in order to keep up with new research and trends, refresh your knowledge, and distinguish yourself in your field.

With solid training and education, you’ll be well on your way to an acupuncture career in Florida in cities like Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

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