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Acupuncture Studies in Illinois - IL

Though many people think of acupuncture as just the practice of needling, acupuncture is actually a complex system of holistic medical treatment that requires years of intensive study.

As a result, Illionis has relatively strict curriculum requirements for acupuncture degrees. To obtain a license in Illinois, acupuncturists must hold a degree from an accredited school, consisting of a minimum of 1950 curriculum hours, completed over a minimum of 27 months. The curriculum must include 890 hours of theory and treatment techniques, including point location theory and medical ethics; 660 hours of clinical training via a supervised internship; and 400 hours of biomedical clinical sciences. Students must pass a state-administered examination and complete a course in clean-needle technique in order to ensure client safety.

Once licensed, acupuncturists must complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years in order to refresh their skills and renew their license. Continuing education requirements can be fulfilled in part through online coursework.

Organizations like the Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ILaaom) can help you find opportunities to pursue acupuncture studies and training, including internships and residencies with experienced acupuncturists. With the support of others in the field, you can soon find yourself on your way to a fulfilling career as an acupuncturist in cities like Chicago, Aurora, and Rockfield.