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Acupuncture Studies in Kansas - KS

Kansas is one of about ten states that does not have a board to regulate licensure for practitioners of acupuncture.  The state does not require -- or grant -- certificates for lay practitioners. If a person is already licensed as a naturopathic doctor, though, they can receive additional acupuncture training in Kansas and apply for an acupuncture certificate to display their proficiency.

Those in Wichita may want to look into Kansas College of Chinese Medicine, which is listed on the ACAOM site as having candidacy status for future accreditation.  Kansas acupuncture students may also choose to enroll in an online school.  The easiest first step may be an online certificate program, which will give a sense of the profession.

There are advantages, however, to a comprehensive education from an accredited school; these advantages include future job opportunities as well as professional competency.  Certification from NCCAOM -- and the title of diplomate -- may prove very useful for demonstrating professional competence to potential clients or employers.  Kansas boasts acupuncturists at such facilities as the Bohemia Spa and Apothecary. A person who receives their acupuncture training in Kansas should be aware that most other states do require testing and/or certification through NCCAOM, and will probably want to pursue the process if they are considering relocation.

There are acupuncturists practicing in Kansas who are not doctors.  Prospective acupuncturist in this state will probably want to contact an organization such as NASH to discuss legalities.

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