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Acupuncture Studies in Minnesota - MN

Acupuncture training in Minnesota consists of a college education resulting in an MD, DC or DO, followed by NCCAOM certification. While the state's higher education requirements are somewhat more rigorous than others, no additional training or courses accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) are required. Acupuncturists in Minnesota often practice acupuncture as part of a broader selection of health support practices such as osteopathy or chiropractics.

Prior to sitting for the NCCOAM certification exams, studying acupuncturists may complete practice exams to test their proficiency in the subject matter. The NCCOAM offers practice exams for $75, and makes them available to students for ninety days from the day of payment. Practice exams can help students to prepare for certification, and could protect aspiring acupuncturists from the mandatory waiting period and re-application fee associated with retaking the exam.

Acquiring acupuncture certification in Minnesota is an excellent way for any existing MD, DC or DO to improve their practice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that complimentary health professions involved in diagnosing and treating are slated for a ten to twenty-two percent increase over the next several years. The majority of that growth will be seen in diversified practices that meet various patients' needs.

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