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Acupuncture Studies in New Mexico - NM

Not just anyone with acupuncture training is allowed to open an acupuncture clinic in New Mexico. You must be a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine with the proper training and education in order to be certified to practice acupuncture in New Mexico. The state’s Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine requires that its acupuncturists complete a certain number of hours of acupuncture training, in addition to receiving medical training. Acupuncture studies in New Mexico must consist of 2400 total hours, with 1100 didactic (classroom courses) hours, including 450 hours in herbology. In addition, the state requires all acupuncturists to complete an internship of 900 supervised clinical hours. At least 400 of those hours must consist of the student providing treatment to patients.

After completing acupuncture training in New Mexico, you must pass certain examinations before certification to practice in the state is granted. These include the state’s clinical and practical examinations, the state’s jurisprudence exam, the NCCAOM Comprehensive Written Exams (Oriental Medicine Module, Acupuncture Module, Chinese Herbology Module, Biomedicine Module, Examination of Point Location Skills, and Clean Needle Technique Workshop. You must also fill out the board’s application to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and submit it with all required supporting documents and fees. The state’s current application fee is $525.

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