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Acupuncture Studies in Utah - UT

Students pursuing acupuncture training in Utah take a course of study rich in both theory and clinical application. Acupuncturists work with ill and vulnerable patients, so acupuncture training in Utah stresses knowledge of professional and ethical standards as well as the practice of Eastern medicine.

Acupuncture candidates take a rigorous curriculum. The word “acupuncture” often calls to mind images of strategically placed needles. While needle placement is an art in itself, the job of a Utah acupuncturist entails much more. There are different forms of acupuncture, which can involve application of heat and herbal moxa or the generation of electrical pulses. Utah acupuncturists may also advise patients on nutrition and practice lesser know Oriental healing arts. In addition to the basics of diagnosis, point location, and hygienic needle usage, training includes knowledge of the following:

  • Moxibustion (acupuncture combined with herbal heat therapy)
  • Infrared heating
  • Cupping (suction)
  • Bleeding
  • Electro acupuncture
  • CPR

In order to pass licensing requirements -- and master the art of healing -- prospective acupuncturists must also demonstrate an ability to develop professional relationships. Related competencies include creating and altering treatment plans, acquiring informed consent, and understanding when to refer a patient for conventional medical treatments. Acupuncturists in Provo, Salt Lake City, and other Utah cities practice acupuncture as complementary medicine, cooperating with other health professionals as necessary to meet patients’ needs.