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Acupuncture Studies in Virginia - VA

The state of Virginia recommends that patients obtain a diagnosis from a medical doctor before undergoing acupuncture treatment. This recommendation often leads acupuncturists into practices shared with medical doctors or doctors of naturopathy. Acupuncturists who plan to work within a medical doctor's practice can conserve time and effort by pursuing a master's degree program instead of a doctorate level degree.

Acupuncture training in Virginia differs depending on the individual applying for licensure. Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Podiatrists may apply for an acupuncture license after completing just two hundred hours of instruction. Podiatrists, however, are limited to practicing acupuncture intended for treating pain originating in the human foot.

Students of acupuncture who do not possess a doctorate level degree must complete an accredited acupuncture program that includes 1,000 hours of documented training. In addition to successfully completing the program, these students must pass either the Practical Examination of Point Location Skills (PEPLS) exam or the NCCAOM exam.

Individuals who wish to complete an ACAOM accredited acupuncture degree program in order to be properly prepared for the NCCAOM exam may pursue their goals through campus-based degree programs. Distance learning has become fairly commonplace in recent years, with the National Center for Education Statistics reporting that some two-thirds of American universities offer correspondence courses.

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