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Acupuncture Studies in Wisconsin - WI

Acupuncture training in Wisconsin consists of a combination of coursework along with clinical experience. The degrees that can be obtained include certification as a Master level of Acupuncture or a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine that is combined with a Bachelor of Science Nutrition degree.

The education is frequently based on what is referred to as the "Zang Fu" system. This curriculum focuses on physiology, pathology, and diagnosis with treatment strategy. This is in line with Traditional Chinese Medicine as practiced in many of China’s hospitals.

Students who pursue the Masters of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine also study herbs and their formulas and nutrition as relating to Chinese food therapy. All acupuncture training programs in Wisconsin are taught in line with the standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Minimum completion time for a Masters level of acupuncture is 30 months, or three academic years. The Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine/Bachelor of Science Nutrition curriculum is a 36 month, or four academic year program.

Wisconsin graduates will be licensed to perform both non-invasive and invasive methods of acupuncture, as well as be able to diagnose and develop patient care plans.

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