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Alabama CNA Salaries

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently announced its prediction that CNAs can anticipate an employment growth rate of 18% between 2008 and 2018. This employment growth will be beneficial to CNAs working Alabama by opening up job opportunities, competitive salaries and heightened job security.

Jobseekers are encouraged to target areas of higher population densities where health care professionals are more in demand. While CNAs nationwide are earning an average salary of $27,000 annually, CNAs throughout Alabama are earning approximately $29,000/yr. The salary averages in the five largest cities in Alabama are:

Birmingham, Alabama CNA Salary:  $25,000/yr
Montgomery, Alabama CNA Salary:  $25,000/yr
Mobile, Alabama CNA Salary:  $24,000/yr
Huntsville, Alabama CNA Salary:  $30,000/yr
Tuscaloosa, Alabama CNA Salary:  $25,000/yr

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