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Alabama Gerontologist Salaries - AL

A gerontologist salary in Alabama can range all across the board, depending on a number of factors like your level of education, where in the state you work, and what type of facility you work at.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists salaries for gerontologists being anywhere between $20,000, and $120,000 dollars a year. One would expect, as the median income in Alabama is a bit under the national average, for gerontologists in the state to make a bit less here, but the pay is actually very competitive with that in the rest of the US.

Here, for example, is the estimated wage of a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in some of Alabama’s largest cities, found on salary information collector

  • Huntsville - $99,000
  • Birmingham - $86,000
  • Montgomery - $85,000
  • Mobile - $79,000

The kind of gerontologist career you pursue in Alabama has perhaps the biggest impact on your salary. A social worker, for example, who specializes in looking after, finding support for, and aiding elderly people, might make around $64,000 in Alabama. An audiologist who specializes in care and treatment of hearing issues related to ageing, would make quite a bit more, closer to $87,000.

Alabama is home to all sorts of facilities that cater and focus on the old and the elderly, but they don’t all pay them same. According to the BLS, caregivers for the elderly make the most at governmental institutions, the least at old folk’s homes, while those who work at hospital and medical facilities, like Saint Vincent’s Birmingham, or Dekalb Regional Medical Center, make solidly in the middle.

Beyond mere salary statistics though, it’s important to remember that every job and facility is different, bringing with it its own rewards, tasks, and responsibilities. Because this field has excellent growth prospects, upon your graduation with a gerontology degree in Alabama, you really should investigate your options and make sure your heading for the career that’s right for you.

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