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Healthcare Administration Program In Alabama - AL

Alabama’s higher educational system of colleges and universities are nationally recognized for the quality of their academic programs, their dedication to research and implementation of technology. In keeping with current trends in education, Alabama’s colleges and universities also provide access to learning programs such as a healthcare administration degree with an increasing number of courses and program offerings available online, as part of Alabama’s goal to help more students graduate from college. Students can earn a bachelor of sciences, masters or even a PHD in a healthcare administration education field of study in Alabama, with many courses offering a Web-based learning alternative.

Students earning healthcare management degrees in Alabama will be expected to gain understanding of all major areas applicable to today’s health care organizations, such as marketing health care; economics and financial management; operations management; health care law and regulations, both applicable to Alabama and to the United States; human resources management; epidemiology; strategic planning; information systems and technology and quality initiatives. Specific courses in higher mathematics, accounting, statistics, psychology, bio-psycho-socio issues of aging, ethics, diversity and cultural differences are often mandatory. Developing leadership skills is a key part of the training, as with any management program, and a special emphasis on leadership for health professionals is offered.

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