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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Alabama - AL

There is exciting news for lactation consultants hoping to begin a new career in Alabama. According to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, health support occupations are predicted to be the fastest growing industry between 2006 and 2016. This equates to a 2.63% annual growth rate that will effectively open up approximately 2,000 health-related jobs a year. Lactation consultants that are also registered nurses can expect similar growth. Between 2008 and 2018 the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 22% employment growth rate for registered nurses nationwide. These state and national occupational outlook trends will likely affect lactation consultant salaries in Alabama by increasing job availability, promoting higher industry standards, and provoking competitive wages.

However, an individual’s acquired level of education, amount of prior work experience, and national certification status are perhaps the most influential factors that ultimately determine salary earning potential. Geographic location can also impact salaries. Luckily, lactation consultants residing in Alabama are earning an estimated $88,000/yr, which is higher than the national average of $82,000/yr. Although job seekers should start by researching positions in cities of high population densities, areas offering more opportunities do not necessarily offer higher salaries. Here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in Alabama:

Birmingham:  $73,000/yr
Montgomery:  $74,000/yr
Mobile:  $70,000/yr
Huntsville:  $88,000/yr
Tuscaloosa:  $73,000/yr

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