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Long Term Care Class in Alabama - AL

Coursework to become a nursing home administrator in Alabama focuses on two disciplines: health care and business. The state of Alabama requires that those seeking licensure as a life care administrator hold at minimum a bachelor degree, preferably in a health or business type of field. Long term care training in Alabama will teach critical areas of healthcare management that will later be tested in the state boards and national certification examinations.

Most long term training courses will teach the healthcare competencies derived from the Healthcare Leadership Alliance Competency Directory. These include the following domains: communication and relationship management; professionalism; leadership; knowledge of the healthcare environment; and business skills and knowledge. Because Alabama also has an experiential requirement for licensure, your training program must also include at least a 500-hour internship at a medical facility within the state. This could be anywhere in the state, and does not necessarily have to be a nursing care facility to qualify. Some hospitals that would accept interns include Huntsville Hospital, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Saint Vincent's Birmingham and Dekalb Regional Medical Center. Working in an internship gives you the chance to put the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in class to practical use. It also gives you the opportunity to network with possible future employers and co-workers.

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