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Medical Office Manager Salary in Alabama – AL

Salaries for the medical office manager in Alabama will vary from county to county, but the average is approximately $50,000. Individuals who specialize in business management or who bring experience and education to the job can expect to see that salary average go up to around the $70,000 mark.

As with any business, there is room for growth, even for those coming in at the entry level with little experience or some experience and no certification. You can move from an office manager, to a practice manager, to a practice director and have comparable salary increases as you grow your career. And adding to your education will only increase your opportunities to increase your salary.

Alabama tops many national statistics for challenging health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and teen morbidity; indicating a continuing need for health care workers in the area. Opportunities abound here, and medical office managers can make a tremendous impact on patient care and physician relations while making considerable contributions to the quality of care in both suburban and rural areas of Alabama.

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