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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Alabama - AL

During 2009, the average medical transcription salary in Alabama was roughly $28,340 per year; an overall average of $13.62 per hour. However, professionals who choose medical transcription as their profession are subject to a number of factors with the potential to affect their annual income. Accordingly, the highest reported annual salary in Alabama was $38,930, which was an estimated average of $18.72 per hour.

According to the Association for Health Documentation Integrity (AHDI), there are three professional levels for medical transcriptionists. MTs at level 1 are recent graduates and require a great deal of one-the-job training. Level 2 MTs are those with between two and five years of experience, and most of these professionals are known for their expertise in a particular medical specialty. MTs at level 3 are the most experienced in the industry. They typically have at least 10 years of experience and can be counted on to resolve complex issues in the medical record without any assistance.

As a medical transcriptionist, experience is one of the factors that will impact both your starting salary and your overall earning potential. Keep in mind that most medical transcriptionists in Alabama are paid on production, or the number of lines they transcribe in a day. So, as you gain experience, you will not only be gaining more line pay, but you will also be increasing your speed; which can increase your income dramatically.

Average medical transcription salaries in Alabama:

  • Birmingham: $31,270
  • Montgomery: $31,630
  • Mobile: $29,470
  • Huntsville: $31,900

Salary figures have been provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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