Midwife Salary in Alabama - AL

Midwives' Salaries in Alabama - AL

Alabama Midwife Salary

Certified Nurse midwife careers in Alabama are becoming more common as the laws in the last few years have changed extensively. Fewer midwives are risking their careers by not becoming certified. However, Alabama still makes no allowances at this time for women who want to use midwives for a home birth.

That being the case, the rewards for becoming licensed far outweigh the detriments of working under the radar. A certified midwife salary in Alabama, in major cities such as Birmingham and Mobile will usually be around $109,000 a year as reported by Indeed.com.

Places to seek employment include most of the local OB/GYN clinics and medical facilities like Mobile Infirmary Medical Center that offer prenatal care. Other good sources for jobs are local hospitals such as Huntsville Hospital, Dekalb Regional Medical, and Saint Vincent's Birmingham, or any other major medical facility around the state.

When the time comes for you to enter the job market, you may try contacting midwives who are currently practicing in Alabama. They are likely to offer advice on some of the better opportunities. Also check out the Alabama Midwives Alliance (http://www.alabamamidwivesalliance.org/links.html).

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