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MRI Technician Salaries in Alabama

An Alabama MRI technician salary is roughly $69,000. Combine that pay figure with the expected 17% growth in the field (recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and you have chosen a profession that not only fulfills your dream of working as an MRI tech, but one that also affords a decent living.

After you graduate and begin your career search, do not be disappointed by your starting salary. Your starting salary is just that – a starting salary. As above, tech salaries in Alabama border on $69,000 a year, which means there is plenty of leeway to help you achieve more pay. As you build your experience and become recognized as a valuable MRI tech, you will undoubtedly be finding more opportunities for yourself and earning more money.

In Alabama, there are several types of facilities that you can work for as an MRI tech. Some of them include hospitals, physicians’ offices, diagnostic laboratories, and outpatient care facilities. Physicians’ offices tend to pay less, whereas hospital facilities tend to pay more for their MRI techs. Regardless of which facility type you choose, there is a high demand for qualified professionals in this field. So, feel free to explore your options and choose the environment that you are most comfortable with.

Finally, there is some variance in tech salaries between cities. For your reference, here are some of the MRI technician salaries in Alabama:

  • Birmingham: $57,000
  • Mobile: $55,000
  • Montgomery: $58,000
  • Huntsville: $69,000

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