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Alabama Occupational Therapist Salaries

Education Requirements for Occupational Therapists in Alabama

With major industries including agriculture, hydroelectric power, mining, and steel-making, many laborers in the state of Alabama perform back-breaking work. Those employed in these sectors are more in need of Occupational Therapists than those in more sedentary positions. Occupational therapists use activities of normal daily life to help people who are disabled in some way return to normal functioning. Approximately 1000 licensed Occupational Therapists practice in the state of Alabama. In May 2008, the average Alabama Occupational Therapist salary was $65,360, which is close to the national average salary of $67,920 for this profession. Within certain cities in Alabama, however, salaries can be much higher. For example, Occupational Therapists in Huntsville can earn a whopping $105,000 per year. Those practicing in Auburn can expect to earn $89,000 annually, while Occupational Therapists in Birmingham, Alabama can earn $85,000. Job prospects for Occupational Therapists in the state of Alabama are expected to increase through the year 2018, as these jobs are expected to become 26% more plentiful across the United States through that year as well.

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