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Alabama Pharmacy Tech Certificate – AL

Steps to become a Pharmacy Technician in Alabama

Step 1:  Research Pharmacy Technician Education and Career Summary
Pharmacy technicians are responsible for performing some of the same work as a licensed pharmacist.  They may assist in preparing medications, ordering of medications and other supplies, stocking of pharmacy supplies, however, once a pharmacy technician has completed their order for medication, they must have it approved and verified by a licensed pharmacist before they can give it to patients.  Most Alabama pharmacy technicians will work in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, retail stores or nursing homes.  In some cases pharmacy technicians may receive on-the-job training only after they have obtained a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.  However, most pharmacies are now seeking candidates who have formal education or training in this industry. 

Step 2:  Obtain your High School Diploma
While in high school it is recommended that you partake in classes that will lay the ground work for your pharmacy career.  Classes such as mathematics and science are the foundation to learning about the pharmacy industry.  Other skills needed would be solid spelling and reading skills that will assist you for the road ahead.  You must have at least an Alabama high school diploma to be admitted into a Pharmacy Technician program or training curriculum. 

Step 3:  Attend a Pharmacy Technician Training Program
By attending an Alabama Pharmacy Technician certification program, it will equip you for the necessary certification to begin working in this field.  The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB),, offers individuals preparation for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination.  Other alternatives would be attending an Alabama community college, vocational school or hospital that offers formal training and education in Pharmacy Technology in your state of Alabama.  These courses typically offer certification training programs all the way up to an Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technology.  Most often the classes and coursework you will be given include physiology, mathematics, anatomy, communications, pharmacy technology and terminology along with detailed and in-depth lab work. 

Step 4:  Complete an Internship for Pharmacy Technician
For those aspiring pharmacy technicians it is recommended that you obtain an internship in your state of Alabama.  Some individuals may choose not to earn formal education, therefore, it is suggested that you volunteer with a hospital or public health clinic to equip you for your on-the-job training as a pharmacy technician.  You will gain hands-on experience in the pharmacy setting by choosing a pharmacy technology program that includes an internship, therefore, giving you the best opportunity possible for your career. 

Step 5:  Obtain your Alabama Pharmacy Technician Certification
In some states it is required that you have pharmacy technician certification; along with most employers seek that same certification before you can begin work.  The pharmacy technician certification includes 90 questions that are multiple-choice and is given at many locations across the country several times a year.  It is reported that Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhT) have the opportunity to make more money and have better options when it comes to employment and advancement in this field, according to the PTCB, as opposed to those that do not have certification.  You will need to re-certify every two years by participating in continuing education credits of at least 20 hours.  Although Alabama does not have any state regulations on certification, it is most advisable.
If you have been convicted of a drug or pharmacy related felony within the past five years, you are not eligible to take the certification exam in Alabama or any other state. 

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