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Alabama Pharmacy Technician Salaries – AL

Pharmacy technicians in Alabama work where most jobs are available currently in cities such as Florence, Decatur and Gadsden.  These cities have the most population therefore presenting more pharmacy technician opportunities.  The cities with the least amount of employment opportunities are Anniston, Mobile and Huntsville. 

Average Alabama Pharmacy Technician Salary

The following list includes the average Alabama pharmacy technician salary by major city:

Gadsden, 210 available jobs, average salary $21,960
Decatur, 220 available jobs, average salary $23,740
Florence, 220 available jobs, average salary $24,640
Anniston, 120 available jobs, average salary $22,390
Mobile, 490 available jobs, average salary $24,660
Huntsville, 510 available jobs, average salary $27,170

Pharmacy technicians must posses certain traits such as organization, being alert and responsible and attention to detail is imperative.  Dispensing the wrong medication or incorrect prescription can be a matter of life or death.  Being able to communicate and interact with patients, professionals and co-workers are also desired traits for pharmacy technicians. 
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