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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Alabama - AL

Alabama does not currently license or register radiologic technologists, but the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) schedules and administers the certification exam for radiologic technologists nationwide. The medical industry expects technologists to complete the appropriate training program in radiology and acquire national certification before seeking employment as a radiology professional.

ARRT recommends that prospective medical professionals follow a standard set of steps to become radiologic technologists:

  • First, students should research, locate, and enroll in an accredited Alabama radiology tech training program that is approved or accepted by ARRT. Successful completion of such program is a prerequisite for any primary certification exam.
  • Second, after completion of an approved Alabama radiology tech training program, students should apply for certification through ARRT. ARRT has a set of criteria that must be met, called the Equation for Excellence, which covers Ethics, Education, and Examination. Prospective technologists must prove that they have not engaged in criminal activity, that they have completed the required educational component for certification, and they must pass the certification exam offered by ARRT.
  • There are several levels of certification. The first is the “primary�? certification in radiology, and students must secure this certification before attempting any in the “post-primary�? category. Once a radiologic technologist has been employed in the field, they may pursue certification in a specialization or two, in areas such as computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or mammography. This is an additional certification process that requires specialized testing.
  • The fees for certification through the ARRT are $150 for Primary certification and $150-300 (depending on the specialization) for Post-primary certification. The fee for “Reinstatement by Exam�? is $200. The reexamination fee for those who have to retake the exam is $175.
  • Once initial certification has been achieved, radiologic technologists should register with ARRT to access the right to use the initials “R.T.�? after their name. Registration with ARRT is an annual process and shows potential employers that the technologist is staying current with new technologies and procedures. The cost of registration is included in initial certification, but renewal after the first year is $20 for primary certifications and $12 for each area of specialty certification.

Radiologic technologists have five (5) years to complete and pass the certification exam after graduating from an approved educational program in radiology. There is also a “3 times in 3 years�? policy that only allows students to take the test three times in three years.

Continuing education requirements must be reported every other year through the registration renewal process and can be earned one of three ways: by 1) earning 24 CEUs, 2) passing a primary exam in an area not previously passed, or 3) passing a post-primary exam in a specialty area.

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