Surgical Technologist Salary in Alabama - AL

Surgical Technologist Salary in Alabama - AL

Salaries for Surgical Tech’s in Alabama

The average surgical tech salary in Alabama is $48,000 a year, which is certainly above and beyond the 2008 national average of $38,740. Yet this figure is greatly influenced by level of education, years of experience, facility type, location, and voluntary certification. Remember that there are three levels for surgical technologists (scrub, circulating assistant, second assisting), and these employment levels can affect income as well.


In Alabama, most surgical techs are employed by general and surgical hospitals, but with the availability of less invasive surgical procedures on the rise, more techs are finding employment in local medical clinics and outpatient surgical centers.

Surgical techs in Alabama are paid more according to their experience. As a new graduate, you may not find yourself at the top of the pay scale, but you will find lucrative employment opportunities at some of the state’s top hospitals to help you get there, such as Dekalb Regional Medical Center, Huntsville Hospital, Saint Vincent’s Birmingham, and Mobile Infirmary Medical Center.

Average salaries by location are as follows:

  • Montgomery: $40,000
  • Mobile: $36,000
  • Birmingham: $41,000
  • Huntsville: $48,000


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