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How to Become a Surgical Tech in Alabama - AL

Surgical tech careers are growing, expanding, and becoming an integral part of successful surgical procedures. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is likely that the number of surgical technologist careers will increase by at least 25% over the next 8 years.  This alone is enough want to learn how to become a surgical tech in Alabama and take advantage of this incredible profession.

The reason that growth is so large in this career field is really two-fold: an aging population that is inn need of common surgical procedures coupled with advances in surgical technology making these procedure less and less dangerous and invasive. With increased age generally comes the onset of more medical conditions, contributing to an increased number of surgical procedures being performed annually. With about 952,000 residents in Alabama over the age of 65, the total elderly population in Alabama is roughly 20%. If just 10% of these residents required surgery each year, that would account for 95,200 surgeries.

In Alabama, advances in medical science have also introduced an array of surgical procedures that are less invasive, making formerly invasive procedures more commonplace. Laparoscopic surgeries have become increasingly common over laparotomies. Laparotomies are done by making an incision into the abdomen and evaluating and repairing internal abdominal organs. Laparoscopy, however, uses tiny hole-like incisions where ultrasound-guided cameras and surgical instrumentation are inserted. The procedure is then performed via ultrasound guidance.  

By completing a surgical technologist program in Alabama, you can learn more about advances in surgical technology, and eventually put them to use in the operating room.

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