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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Alabama - AL

In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average annual ultrasound technician salary in Alabama to be around $50,320, meaning that the majority of ultrasound technicians in Alabama were making about $24.19 per hour. There is no doubt that a career in this field is going to give you a certain amount of financial security, but the key to understanding your financial future is to understand which factors affect annual income for ultrasound technicians in Alabama.

Currently, there are about 1,090 working ultrasound technicians in Alabama, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that number to increase by at least 18% between now and 2018, potentially creating another 196 ultrasound tech jobs in the state. If this doesn’t sound like much, consider that most other professions only incur a 9% increase over 10 years; and you can see that ultrasound technicians have a very important role in the future of our healthcare system.

One of the more encouraging aspects of pursuing a career as an ultrasound tech in Alabama is that your annual earnings are going to increase with time and experience. In fact, some of the most experienced ultrasound technicians are earning more than $66,000 a year. As a professional new to this field, you are likely to begin with an hourly rate between $16.56 and $20.16 an hour; but you can see that the potential for financial gain is there.

Average ultrasound technician salaries across Alabama:

  • Mobile: $52,180
  • Montgomery: $49,000
  • Huntsville: $48,730
  • Birmingham: $53,140

Salary figures courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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