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Become a Vet Tech in Alabama

How to Become a Veterinary Technician in Alabama

All applicants for a Vet Tech license in Alabama will need to have graduated from a Veterinary Technology program from an accredited school or college. The American Veterinary Medical Association determines accreditation so you may investigate their website if you have concerns about the school you’re looking to attend.

In addition to completing one of the online or campus based Alabama vet tech programs, you’ll need to pass the national certification exam before you are eligible for state licensure. You are able to take the exam five times before you’ll need to apply for special consideration so make sure you prepare well the first time, as well as each subsequent time if you do need to retake the exam. The Veterinary Technician National Exam website will give you more info about application and the structure of the national exam itself.

After those general steps have been taken, you’ll be ready to apply for your Alabama state license to practice veterinary medicine. You’ll apply for both a license and to take the examination at the same time. Once your exam scores have been received and approved by the board, your application for licensure will be processed.

There is an application fee of $100 and an exam fee of $200. Keep this in mind as you approach the application process to ensure that you have the funds ready for this procedure.  The application requires you to provide two photos as well as payment along with the form you’ll fill out.

The state exam has a written portion, after which the Board may interview you to further demonstrate competency. If you pass the exam, your application for licensure will be processed and you’ll be issued your state credentials.

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