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Long Term Care Career in Alaska - AK

In order to become a long term care administrator in Alaska, one must be licensed with the state. Prior to that, candidates for all such long term care jobs in Alaska must have at least a bachelor degree in a healthcare or business-related field. Some jobs will require a graduate degree. In addition, those pursuing a career in long term care administration in Alaska must have at least one year of administrative experience in a health care institution, and must pass the national certification exam given by the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators. The application fee is $70, while the license fee is $220. It must be renewed every two years at a renewal fee of $220.

The average salary for a long term care administrator in the United States is $90,970, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary a long term care administrator in Alaska makes is $83,960, not far from the national average. Of course, wages depend upon many factors, such as possessing an undergraduate vs. a graduate degree, the area in which one works, and the demand for the position in your area. Taking that into account, here is a sampling of salaries for long term care administrators in various parts of Alaska (courtesy of indeed.com):

  • Anchorage:  $81,000
  • Fairbanks:  $76,000
  • Juneau:  $78,000
  • Sitka:  $97,000

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