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Alaska Medical Lab Technician Salaries

Medical Laboratory Tech Salaries in Alaska

This profession may be called a clinical laboratory technician (CLT), a medical laboratory technician (MLT) or just medical technician.  Whatever the term, it's an occupation in high demand in Alaska these days and, projections from the US Department of Labor predict it will continue to be so.  The Alaska Occupational Forecast report projects that the need for medical laboratory technicians in Alaska will increase by 24%...a growth rate faster than average occupation in the state.  The best opportunities for medical technicians are in universities and professionals schools with hospital job openings being a close second.  But clinical laboratory technician opportunities can also be found in doctor's offices and other ambulatory health facilities.

The Alaska medical laboratory technician salary can vary according to employer type.  For example, a clinical laboratory technician employed by a professional school or university will generally have a higher wage than a medical technician who works for a doctor's office or ambulatory healthcare service.  According to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the mean wage for a clinical laboratory technician in the state is $20.16 hourly.

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