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Medical Technologist Salaries in Alaska

Medical Technologist Salary in Alaska

A medical technologist salary in Alaska is dependent on several factors. First, salaries can vary with different levels of education. At least a bachelor degree in medical technologist is required to be eligible for national certification. However, those earning master and doctorate degree will likely experience higher salary potentials. Work experience can also impact salaries so internships and volunteer work are advantageous. National employment trends also influence salaries in Alaska. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 12% employment growth for medical technologists nationwide between 2008 and 2018. This growth will likely result in an influx of job openings, increased job security, and competitive salaries not only nationally, but locally as well.

Geographic location is another determining factor for salaries. Targeting job opportunities in places like Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau is encouraged, as these cities contain higher population densities that require greater assistance by medical technologists. Right now medical technologists across Alaska are earning average annual salaries of $52,000. To illustrate how salaries can differ between geographical locations, here are the average salaries in the five largest cities in Alaska:

Anchorage:  $50,000/yr
Fairbanks:  $46,000/yr
Juneau:  $49,000/yr
College:  $46,000/yr
Sitka:  $59,000/yr

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