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Become a Personal Trainer in Alaska - AK

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Alaska

The profession of personal training is not specifically regulated by the state of Alaska, meaning that any individual with a passion for fitness, and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals may work as a personal trainer.   In Alaska, personal trainer certification through a national organization is not a requirement by the state. That being said, many employers will require some sort of training or certification for an individual working in its facility as a personal trainer.  There are several national certifications for personal trainers and fitness professionals that require varying amounts of education and training.  Without having to worry about securing national certification through a professional organization, the key is to pursue an education in personal training so as to be knowledgeable of all things related to exercise and fitness.

Even if your employer does not specifically require a national certification, the education and training involved with the certification will increase both the effectiveness and marketability of the personal trainer.   In addition, because most of the certifications require some sort of continuing education, a credential from a national certifying agency indicates that the personal trainer is staying current with the latest trends in fitness.

The most credible credentialing bodies are those certified by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies, or NCCA.  The NCCA certification ensures that a credential comes from an organization that meets a standard of excellence in field and educational training, and that it generally requires continuing education for continued certification for the professional.

Professional Associations for Personal Trainers

There are several different professional organizations available for personal trainers and fitness professionals.  These professional organizations have some commonalities among them:

  • National Certification: Typically the professional associations offer various credentials that can be earned through education, training, and testing.  Often times these organizations offer specific training courses to prepare for the certifications.
  • Educational Opportunities: Professional associations for personal trainers and fitness professionals are generally strong supporters and providers of continuing education.  In Alaska, personal trainer courses or most commonly done online.  They typically will hold exam preparation courses, courses revolving around current topics and trends in fitness, and develop written texts, videos, journals, and other scholarly works.  Also, as the technology has become more available, more and more online continuing education opportunities have become available.
  • Networking: National organizations give wonderful opportunities and means to network with other personal trainers and fitness professionals.
  • Public Outreach and Advocacy: Perhaps the most important aspect of being involved in a professional association specifically for personal trainers and fitness professionals is that when a group of individuals with common interests work together, the benefits are innumerable.  This group can help to increase the awareness of the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

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