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Xray Tech Salary in Alaska – AK

Radiologist technologists are in high demand and according to the Alaska Labor and Workforce Development report, the field is a hot job in Alaska. The average annual Alaska radiology tech salary ranges from $21.35 to $38.46 hourly with $29.03 an hour being the median salary.  In fact the Alaskan report predicts that the demand for radiology technicians in the state will increase by 25% by year 2016.

Radiologic technologists aren't only found in hospitals.  They can work wherever equipment is available and there is a need to have x-rays made.  In less populated Alaska or in rural areas in the state, most radiology technicians are employed by hospitals.  But, radiologic technologists can also work in private offices, dental offices, managed care centers and medical laboratories.

Deciding on a Radiology Specialty in Alaska

As Radiology Technician you can specialize in an allied health area.  Specialty areas such as nuclear medicine, mammography, computerized topography (CT scan), orthopedics, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and radiation therapy will increase your opportunities in the field.  Some of these specialties involve classroom as well as clinical training.  You might even be able to learn some specialties on the job or by interning.

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