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Ultrasound Tech Salary in Alaska - AK

Ultrasound Technicians, also known as sonographers (and the field is formally called sonography) are in high demand and becoming even more so.  An ultrasound or sonogram (a picture of the body or body tissue taken by high frequency sound waves) is preferred by many in the health field, as well as patients, because of its absence of x-rays and is thought to have a lack of side effects.

According to the US Labor Bureau, ultrasound technicians in Alaska are the highest paid in the country with many (especially those who are nationally registered RDMS or who have more than one specialty) making more than $80 thousand a year.  (The median salary nationally according to government occupational statistics is around $62,000.)  Salaries vary according to specialty also.

This is good news if you live or plan to move to the state known as the Last Frontier and make sonography your profession!  You aren't limited to just working in hospitals either.  You'll find opportunities in managed care facilities, doctor's offices, outpatient clinics, ambulatory facilities, medical and diagnostic centers, and even with the US government.

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