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Alberta Pharmacy Technician Salaries – AB

The province of Alberta maintains the highest paying salaries for pharmacy technicians in Canada. In fact, the average salary for a pharmacy technician in Alberta ranges between $28,662 and $34,944, which means these professionals are making $13.78 per hour all the way up to $16.80 per hour.

The majority of pharmacy techs in Alberta are employed in retail pharmacy settings, representing about 49% of all pharmacy technicians, while 44% are employed in healthcare clinic and hospital pharmacies. Facility type is just one of the factors with the power to influence your annual salary.

If you want to learn how to increase your financial potential, you might consider membership with the Ontario branch of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians. This is a group that actively advocates for the role that pharmacy technicians play in safeguarding patient healthcare. Your membership with this group signals a dedication to the profession, as well as an ongoing commitment to learning.

Once you are ready to begin looking for a pharmacy tech job, you will find that you are qualified to work in almost any type of pharmaceutical environment. Remember that nearly half of all pharmacy technicians work in hospital settings. Some of the top hospitals in Alberta include University of Alberta Hospital, Aspen Health Region, and Foothills Provincial General Hospital.

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