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Alberta Pharmacy Tech School – AB

By attending a pharmacy tech school in Alberta, you can be sure that you will be well prepared for employment in a variety of pharmaceutical settings. With comprehensive curriculums and on-the-job training, students will definitely receive an education that is second to none.

Selecting a pharmacy tech school in Alberta begins with knowing exactly what type of education is going to get you hired in this field. Schools focusing on this profession generally offer certificate programs, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees. Any of these options are acceptable for an entry-level pharmacy technician positions, although most students go with the certificate program initially.

The certificate program is the quickest way to get your education finished and your career started. Most programs of this nature only take between 10 and 12 months to complete, whereas the associate takes about 2 years. Pharmacy tech schools in Alberta offer these options so that students can have ultimate control over their education, but remember, any one of these programs can help you find employment in this field.

The last quarter of the pharmacy technician program is dedicated to clinical training. At this point, pharmacy tech students spend about 12 weeks, with a minimum of 135 hours in community and healthcare pharmacy, performing the duties of a pharmacy technician, doing things like:

  • Updating patient pharmaceutical records
  • Reading physician prescriptions and instructions
  • Counting pills and measuring liquids
  • Labeling prescription bottles and vials
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