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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Arizona - AZ

Cardiac sonography is an allied health field with a lot of opportunities for dedicated individuals. The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that job openings for cardiovascular technicians and professionals in Arizona will increase by 24% by 2018, which is a far, far faster increase than is seen in most other professions.

Likewise, cardiac sonographers make pretty good money. A cardiac sonographer salary in Arizona averages about $59,000, according to, and this in some of the larger cities in the state:

  • Glendale - $57,000
  • Mesa - $56,000
  • Phoenix - $55,000
  • Tucson - $53,000

Though cardiac sonographers fulfill a very specific role, there are different employment options available for them. Most currently work at care facilities like the Maricopa Medical Center or Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. There, they might be on a team with ten or twenty other cardiovascular technicians and staff, which allows itself for team management and supervisory positions.

Some work in Arizonan cardiologists offices. If the office does well, a cardiac sonographer there would probably make a salary in the top tiers of the profession, around $75,000 according to the BLS.

Though this is a relatively new area, there are also businesses and organizations that rent-out and contract skilled sonographers to hospitals and practices in Arizona that need them temporarily. Cardiac sonographers working for these companies get to travel extensively throughout the scenic desert landscapes of Arizona, and usually make very good money for their time.

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