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Become a CNA in Arizona

How to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Arizona

According to the Arizona State Board of Nursing, applicants must go through an accredited nursing assistant program and pass the state board exam before they can begin practicing as a certified nursing assistant. The Arizona State Board of Nursing exam is a written and manual review of everything students learn in their CNA certification programs.

When students take the test, they must provide the board with a certificate of completion from a school approved by the ASBN, a completed fingerprint check, and proof of having worked as a certified nursing assistant for at least forty-five hours within two years of completing their CNA coursework. If an applicant is coming from another state, she can apply for licensure by showing the ASBN that she has completed a 120 hour CNA certification program approved by another state, worked for at least 75 hours as a CNA in another state, graduated from an approved RN or LPN program, or meets the requirements for RN/ LPN licensure in Arizona.

Applicants can also apply for licensure by endorsement if they have worked as a CNA for at least 160 hours in the last two years, show proof of completing a 120 hour program at a university approved by another state or territory, have valid test scores on-hand, show proof of graduating from an approved RN/ LPN program, or hold a valid RN/ LPN license. Applicants who apply for licensure by endorsement must also be actively practicing in another state and be in good standing before they can become CNAs in Arizona.

Once a person becomes a CNA in Arizona, she has to renew her license every two years. Unlike RNs and LPNs, Certified Nursing Assistants in Arizona are not required to participate in any sort of continuing education program. Instead, they have to show proof of working at least 160 hours as a CNA within the two year licensure period; they must also maintain a clean criminal record.

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