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Arizona CNA Salaries

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the State of Arizona will add 276,000 additional CNA jobs by the year 2018. This is primarily due to Arizona's status as a state with one of the highest retirement populations in the country, as well as the aging baby boomer population.

Those who plan to work with the senior community can take advantage of this spike by participating in education programs geared toward gaining skills in the senior community.

On average, a CNA’s salary, regardless of the field she works in, can be expected to be as much as $31,000 per year in the State of Arizona. Most CNAs in the Phoenix metro area (Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tuscon, etc) tend to fall in the  $29,000 range,  while those in areas like Flagstaff tend to make more, or about $31,000. Florence and Globe residents make the least out of Arizona's CNAs, making anything between $27,000-$28,000 per annum.

Phoenix:  $34,000
Tucson:  $34,000
Mesa: $34,000
Glendale:  $34,000
Chandler:  $34,000
Scottsdale:  $34,000
Gilbert:  $34,000
Tempe:  $34,000
Peoria:   $34,000
Yuma: $36,000