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How to Become a Gerontologist in Arizona - AZ

The first step to becoming involved in gerontology in the state of Arizona is to make the decision to serve this population.  To serve this population takes a distinct level of patience and caring.  In Arizona, though there is tremendous support for gerontology professionals, and there is no specific state credentialing required in order to work with the aging population.  This means that there is no specific licensure or certification mandated by the state.  There are, however, licensure requirements for some specific professions related to gerontology, such as nurses and physicians.  Aside from those specific professions, in Arizona, such facilities as nursing homes and long-term care facilities are also regulated.

After having made the decision to work with the aging population in Arizona, the next step is to decide by what means one would like to serve.  There are several different professions that one may choose in order to work with the aging population.  While direct health care is one pathway into gerontology, one could also choose a pathway associated with counseling, financial and estate planning, public policy making, research, and administration of various retirement and long-term care facilities.

Having made this decision, the next step into the world of gerontology is to choose the educational and experiential path that best suits the chosen area of gerontology.  Be it a certificate program, an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level program, in the area of gerontology, or other associated profession, be sure to choose a program that Is appropriate to your desired outcome.  In addition, be sure to seek out the proper experience and potential additional training in order to effectively serve the needs of an aging population.

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