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Gerontology Degrees in Arizona - AZ

The US Census indicates that Arizona has the second fastest growing population of persons aged 65 and older.  With the growth in this population comes a demand for professionals who are trained in the unique needs of this aging population.  Gerontology is the study of the unique biological, sociological, and psychological process associated with aging.  Some career opportunities associated with gerontology include providing direct care, counseling the elderly and their families on issues related to care giving or mental health, and advising older clients on issues related to housing and estate planning.  In addition, careers are also available in the areas of health promotion, such as recreation planning in communities, senior centers, or retirement communities.

Because gerontology is such a multidisciplinary field of study, there are several different educational paths that one may take in order to be involved in this growing area.  Typically, regardless of which career path one may choose, she or he may gain a competitive advantage among others by pursuing more education.  This is particularly true in Arizona, where the rapid increase in the elderly population means that there will be a great job outlook related to gerontology for years to come.

Areas of direct care such as certified nursing assistants certified medical technologists and patient care technicians would only require an associate’s degree in the given discipline. 

Other areas may require a bachelor’s degree.  These may include areas of advanced patient care, such as nursing, or areas of social work and public health.  Those who choose to become involved in developing public policy related to the aging population may hold either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

A master’s or doctoral degree may be the educational path of choice for those who desire to actively research and educate others on the effects and special needs related to the biological, sociological and psychological aspects of aging.  Those with this advanced degree may work as specialized gerontologist physicians, or in a multidisciplinary center for aging where researchers are actively engaged in the study of gerontology.  These professionals may be actively involved in disseminating the latest information on aging to other practitioners involved in serving the elderly.

Campus based and online programs are available to help aspiring gerontology professionals in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and Glendale Arizona prepare for careers at the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country including Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Maricopa Medical Center, and Tucson Medical Center.

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