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Healthcare Administration Program In Arizona - AZ

Healthcare management degree programs in Arizona are designed to provide students with the background to handle the business and financial aspects of hospitals, clinics, and other health services organizations. In additional to management principals, a typical healthcare administration program in Arizona delivers a knowledgebase of public and non-profit financial management.

Students must master the principles of profit planning and control and be able to address specific managerial accounting problems and their solutions. Relevant topics typically covered are intermediate financial accounting and contemporary accounting for assets, liabilities, stockholders' equity, net income and funds, analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Highly recommended are courses in advanced accounting and preparation of consolidated financial statements; accounting for mergers and acquisitions; accounting for partnerships; and governmental accounting. Graduate-level requirements include a special project covering these areas. 

Of course, accounting for not-for-profit entities is part of the standard curriculum. Students learn accounting concepts and procedures for not-for-profit entities, including financial analysis and reconciliation to for-profit accounting principles.

Other courses included in a healthcare administration degree program include microeconomics and macroeconomics, operations management teams and ethics and information technology strategy. A strong foundation in marketing, particularly healthcare services, is important to any business leader. And, an integral component of any advanced degree program is the internship or field project.

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