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Arizona Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Education for Medical Technicians in Arizona

Sources across the nation readily agree that there is a shortage of Medical Laboratory Technicians. Even more concerning is the definite lack of Certified Medical Laboratory Technicians. There is disagreement about which area of the country is most deficient, but nevertheless, Arizona is still in the majority of more positions available than people to fill them.   In Arizona, medical technician training programs prepare graduates for this uniquely rewarding and highly demanded profession.

Due to the lack of required state credential, there is no mandatory continuing education requirements in Arizona for Medical Laboratory Technicians. The national certification program requires continuing education as a condition of renewal of the certification, which is required to occur every 3 years. The process for insuring renewal of the credential is called the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP). According to your certification category, there are different requirements of Continuing Education. During the three years prior to the expiration of the certification, you need to be working on and documenting the continuing education activities in which you participate. A couple of months before the expiration of the certificate, a CMP Declaration Form need to be completed and sent, along with the required fee, to the ASCP office. The form is available on the ASCP website  Online format for the Declaration form is also available and can be used instead of the paper form. Shortly after your information is received at the ASCP office, you will be mailed one of two documents. If you receive a new certificate, you are set for 3 more years. If you received a letter stating that the Declaration form is being audited, you will need to return to the office the documents proving the continuing education events that were described on the Declaration page.  Once the requested information is reviewed by the ASCP office, you will either be mailed a certificate or a denial for renewal. If you are denied, there is an appeals process established that can be followed.

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