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Medical Technologist Salaries in Arizona

As the health care field is continually being inundated with new technological advances and larger populations to service, professionals like medical technologists are in increasing demand. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2008 and 2018 the industry of medical technology with experience an employment trend that will amplify job opportunities by 12%. This growth spurt will likely expand the field by increasing professional responsibilities, strengthening career longevity, introducing new state licensing regulations, and encouraging competitive wages.

All of these consequences will definitely affect medical technologist salaries in Arizona. However, professionals can influence salary earning potentials independent of occupational trends by striving to accumulate the highest level of education possible (or earning multiple degrees), becoming nationally certified, being flexible about relocating, and participating in diverse work experiences. Geographic location can also determine salary averages. For instance, even though the average salary for medical technologists in Arizona is $53,000 annually, this figure can change between cities. Generally job seekers are encouraged to search for jobs in more metropolitan areas where jobs availability is more abundant, however regions containing more jobs do not always equate to regions of higher salaries. Here are the approximate salary projections for the five largest cities in Arizona:

Phoenix:  $50,000/yr
Tucson:  $49,000/yr
Mesa:  $50,000/yr
Glendale:  $50,000/yr
Chandler:  $50,000/yr

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