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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Arizona - AZ

The majority of medical transcriptionists in Arizona earn about $16.93 an hour, while the estimated average annual medical transcription salary in Arizona is $35,210. While this is certainly a fair income level, it is important to understand how your years of experience in the field can impact your annual earnings. In fact, some of the most experienced MTs in Arizona reported earning more than $46,080 during 2009.

In the workforce, medical transcriptions are typically ranked by level of experience. In general, the Association for Health Documentation Integrity uses three levels to identify professionals in this field, ranging from recent graduates to professionals with several years of experience. While the rate of pay varies for medical transcriptionists at each of these levels, speed is probably the most crucial factor to affect income for MTs. Because the majority of medical transcriptionists are paid per line of transcription; the quicker that you can type, the more money that you are going to earn.

One other issue to consider is the introduction of speech recognition technology. A lot of medical transcriptionists are now being trained on how to use speech recognition platforms to edit reports rather than type them. While it may initially seem as though this would result in decreased earnings, the opposite is actually true. The premise that it is quicker to edit than to type can open up a new world of financial potential for medical transcriptionists in Arizona.

Average medical transcription salaries throughout Arizona:

  • Phoenix: $35,580
  • Tucson: $32,830
  • Mesa: $35,580
  • Prescott: $33,560

Salary figures have been provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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