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Arizona Medical Transcription Training Programs

Visitors to Arizona may gaze in wonder at the Grand Canyon, lauded as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, or at the Barringer Meteorite Crater, a gigantic hole in the middle of the high plains of the Colorado Plateau. The crater, nearly a mile wide and 570 feet deep, is one of the most well-preserved meteorite impact sites in the world. In addition to these remarkable sites, Arizona is also increasingly recognized as a home for many retired Americans. This recognition results in a large demand for healthcare, which means that Arizona physicians need an increasingly large number of transcribers to record the medical histories and records they dictate by hand or verbally. Compensation for medical transcriptionists in Arizona is high, with most transcriptionists able to find jobs near their homes.

A majority of medical transcriptionists are located near the state’s largest cities: Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, and Scottsdale. Interestingly, Phoenix, Arizona, is the top U.S. city for medical transcriptionists as it is for most healthcare professionals because many notable institutions are based there. Health care organizations in Phoenix include the Arizona Heart Institute, The Barrow Neurological Institute and the Banner Estrella Medical Centre.

Arizona does not require certification programs for medical transcriptionists, however a transcriptionist can obtain certification by passing an exam given by the Association for Healthcare Document Integrity (AHDI). The association offers two types of certification: the Registered Medical Transcriptionist for those with less than two years experience and the Certified Medical Transcriptionist for those with more than two years of experience.

Steps to become a Medical Transcriptionist in Arizona

Medical transcription training in Arizona is offered by vocational schools and community colleges and can help transcriptionists pass certification examinations. Programs generally range from 12-month certificate programs to 24-month associate degrees. Online courses are also available through many schools. Many Arizona programs also include externships in which students gain on-the-job experience under the supervision of a manager. Students graduating from such programs are particularly suited to direct employment.

Students interested in a career in medical transcription may choose from two levels of certification administered by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity provides two levels of certification. Each certification level requires a passing score on an examination. Appropriate candidates for a Registered Medical Transcriptionist Examination include recent graduates from a medical transcription education program and/or medical transcriptionists with fewer than two years’ experience. Candidates more suitable for the Certified Medical Transcriptionist exam include those with two or more years of medical transcription experience.

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